How to spot fake profiles and scammers online?

Okay, if you are reading this, maybe you have already know some basic knowledge of online BBW dating and have experienced something similar. It’s time to talk about how to tell fake profiles and scammers. The first rule is just the same as your parents once told you. If it sounds unbelievably good, then it might be fake. If a sexy and hot super model tell you through email that she wants to make love with you, you should take some time to dig it out before you say yes. IF she is not your type of girl or you don’t even do the same sports, then it might not be real.

Similarly, if a girl is too blunt sexually, giving other guys oral, showing off her pornographic nudity or displaying other sexual explicit content in her curvy dating profile, this might be a fake profile, just to turn your head. Of course, women love to be the attention, but if they really post their nudity and other too blunt pictures, you should skip them.

If she says she want to visit you, but she cannot afford the flight ticket. It is definitely blackmail. Any person who tried to get you send her money is definitely fake and scammers. This is such an old-fashioned trick, because it has already existed for such a long time. It worked at the very first beginning and it didn’t work so much, but it still exists now. Once you use these online dating and hook up apps for a while, you will see them coming to you. They would usually go like this: A pretty girl asking for money and say that she wants to sleep with you. When you send her the money, she vanishes forever. Do not send money to anyone you meet on hookup apps.

When it comes to escort, you will be able to spot them if their profile pictures are too unreal. If you see one picture like a superstar or model, then they are probably not real. No one would find professionals to take pictures for them just to post them on the internet to find a bedding mate. If the picture is too perfect, that is a dangerous signal.

There are differences between sexiness and frivolousness. If she is talking to you like you are a god or a customer for her, you are tricked. If she is talking dirty to you like she has not made love for years, then you might be falling into a trap. Those girls who are too blunt might make you feel you want to sleep with them, but they will never satisfy your needs unless you pay. Some even only want to get the money out of you and have no intention at all to please you. Therefore, if she is describing how she would do to you in bed, she may never do it. Just run away and don’t stop and don’t look back.