My Bad Experience in Some Online Dating Apps


Last summer, I was just out of work and I was so bored so I decided to use some hookup apps to see if I could meet some nice partners. But my experience was not very good and I would share it with you.

I used the first hookup dating app and I knew it was famous for hookups. Fine, I had no boyfriend and if I could find a handsome guy to hang out, that could be a good choice for me. This hookup app was simple because people could make friends more for the face/looking. It's basically a simple and direct way to make friends by looking or face, but it's more than lookings. However, after I used it for two weeks in a row, I found that the the photo scammers in this app were not a joke. 

Among them, I met a handsome man, the photo was really handsome, and I entered his homepage, I felt his life was very colorful. So, I had a chat with him. I thought he was gentle with good looking. As a result, he told me that he was actually 40 years old, and the picture on the dating app was the star on the INS. And he had a son. I couldn’t help laughing at that time. Should I praise his honesty?

Then, I turned to another app. This app is famous for handsome and rich boys and girls. So I registered. Because my college classmates have used this dating app before , so I also downloaded it. My classmates told me that 80% of the users are handsome men and beautiful women, and their wages are basically very high. This app has a hign threshold for your loooking and salaies. So, I was looking forward to it. But the bad thing is, you have to pay for VIP, otherwise you can't use the app at all. So, I spent $10 to become a VIP. 

This app gives me the feeling that it very focuses on the privacy because it has a privacy protection mode. I started chatting with some boys who were outstanding. There was a very handsome person indeed and I asked him out for seeing a movie. As a result, I was told that he would go abroad on business. I didn't know whether this reason was true or not But I also say hope everything would be good. I always feel that there is a big gap between some excellent people and me. 

Maybe it's because I'm not good enough to go abroad every day. Aha. But I really found some interesting and beautiful girls in this chatting app. I just like boys but chatting with some funny girls was not bad as I thought before. I knew a girl called Lisa and she was a CTO of a company. She was informed and humorous and I thought I should learn from her.

If you have time, you can have a try in such a dating app and get your own feelings towards some apps. Hope you will also have fun like me.