Should I make the first move on curvy dating apps?

One of the most common questions asked by the management team at Bustr hookup app, was: "should I take the first step in sending a message to someone on BBW dating apps?" For example, if someone lists you as the most popular person, can you text them right away, or should you wait? In short, what is etiquette? Read on to discover some easy tips for navigating online BBW dating.

Should I text first?

Yes! While many of us retain some old fashioned notions of inactivity, you must seize every opportunity to get noticed. If someone you like adds you to their list of favorites but doesn't send you a message, offer to send them a message because they've clearly expressed interest. And even if someone doesn't like you, don't be afraid to send messages. The more plus size people you contact, the more tinder hookup you get. Don't be afraid to take the initiative, opportunities are often left to the initiative to fight for. Maybe you're just one step away from success. Reaching out to people you're interested in May help you get what you want more quickly.

How long do I must wait for an answer? Do I need to send another message?

Chubby people have different expectations about how quickly they can respond to messages, and they may not match your expectations. If you bombard people with messages asking why they haven't responded, you're likely to scare them off, so resist the urge. Give them a few days, then give them a quick reminder. If they still don't respond, move on to someone else. Don't keep pestering someone if they don't reply to you twice. That means he's not interested in you. All you have to do is give up on him and find someone else.

How soon should I reply?

As soon as you want! Any "rule" about leaving the office at a certain time should be dropped completely because you're here to meet someone, not play a game. If someone takes the trouble to text you, they'll want your response, so don't put them off by being too eager. Appropriate procrastination is ok, it will let you know how important you are to that person. But putting it off for too long is often counterproductive. Remember, no one likes to wait forever, and everyone's patience has its limits.

Should I ignore information about people I'm not interested in?

Not at all. While it may seem pointless to talk to someone you don't want to meet, a quick "thank you, but no thanks" is polite. Everyone loves attention, and even if they don't get the results they want, the courtesy of people replying will make everyone's life better.