The Reasons Why Men Prefer BBWs


As the number of bbw dating sites increasing, more and more men began to show their love to big beautiful women. There are definitely some reasons for men to show their interest in big beautiful women. When a man viewing a fat woman taking off her clothes, the man will feel that she is doing a strip dance, which is very attractive to a man. While, when a skinny woman removes her clothes, the man will only feel that a piece of clothes is slipped from a pole. Only those women who can make men have physiological reactions are those by whom men are fascinated. The following are three main reasons why men prefer BBWs to skinny girls.

1.The touch of plus size women are incomparable

When holding a skinny girl, you will feel uncomfortable as if you are holding a bunch of bones. And you dare not to put forth your strength for the fear of making her painful. However, when you hold a fat girl in your arms, it feels like holding a ball of cotton. It can make you feel comfortable and relax yourself. You can hold her hard and feel the sense of possession.

2.The body shape of BBW is attracting

Compared with skinny girls, fat girls are plump and and their body shapes are more attractive. The most body curves will make them more feminine than skinny girls. Hookup dating a plus size woman will allow men to be more masculine. Moreover, kissing a fat girl's round lips and face can give men a different pleasure, just like sucking a juicy grape. Also, women's fat buttocks and developed breasts have always been the source of inspiration for artists.

3.The skin of plus size women is more elastic

Usually, the skin of fat girls is very smooth, full of elasticity and as if it can be broken by the blowing wind. Touching a fat girl's skin is like touching a piece of silk which makes you fond of it. Sleeping on a fat girl's leg is like lying on a soft, thick quilt, which makes you feel at ease. Moreover, their flexible, white skin will make them look younger than their peers. Just like their large stature, their hearts are very strong, because they suffer more criticism than others. They are very energetic, outgoing and confident. Generally speaking, people around fat girls tend to be influenced by their optimism. Life will also be better.

In fact, to the majority of men, their interest in plus size women are more than skinny girls. However, in the modern society in which slimness is considered as beauty, they don’t dare to observe their real thoughts. Thanks to the appearance of bbw hookup sites or bbw tinder, more and more men get the courage to pursue plus size women. And of course, these fat girls deserve men’s admiration and pursuit.